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  • Lawsuits for medical negligence, civil and criminal, at all levels (Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court).
  • Work with leading medical experts and experts, by specialty.
  • Opinions, after dossier check, whether or not there is medical negligence.
  • Compensation for medical liability.
  • Legal medical liability assistance.
  • Legal advice on medical law handling of the case.
  • Ability to use specialized technical consultants, any specialty.
  • Attractions to insurance companies.
  • Ability to compromise.
  • Legal assistance (submitting memos, complaints, appeals) from the House of Health and Welfare Inspectors,
  • Legal Assistance for Deputy Minister, EOPYY (pleadings, complaints, appeals to administrative courts).
  • Legal aid for criminal courts of all levels for violations of audit findings reports.
  • Legal Aid to SADs (Memos), Apology Appeals.
  • Legal assistance before the Board of Directors Hospital, RIS, Central Disciplinary Board.
  • Legal assistance for any criminal trial (homicide by negligence, personal injury, exposure to danger). Also fake medical certificates, forgery, document fraud etc.
  • Requests to hospitals and prosecutors, Data Protection Authority for documents.
  • Legal Aid for Crisis Boards before Administrative Appeals.
  • Employee appeals.
  • Legal assistance for ClawBack and Rebate.
  • Legal appeal for pensions.
  • Administrative Courts (Administrative Courts of First Instance, Administrative Court of Appeal, Council of State) for disciplinary SEYYPS, Sub-Divisions, Central Disciplinary Council.
  • Legal assistance to a Court of Auditors for pensions.
  • Legal assistance to a Court of Auditors for any imputation of hospital responsibility to a physician.


  • Folder check and evaluation.
  • Instructions for handling the case.
  • Opinions.